Vietnam Bike Tours

Vietnam bike tours is a collection of bike tours Lotussia Travel offers in all over Vietnam including both easy, short road bike tours and hard, challenging, multi-day mountain biking tours.

The bike tours Lotussia Travel offers in Vietnam are quite diverse in cycle touring and destination ranging from half day easy bike tour to multi-day challenging bike tours, road bike tours, mountain biking tours…

You will find in this page both fun, easy bike tours that we designed for amateur cyclist, family holidays and long, challenging bike tour for professional cyclists and active travelers. For easy and fun bike tour, we use classic road bike (push bikes) with one fixed speed. These are recommended for bike on flat roads or countryside villages.

For more active bike tour, we use mountain bikes such as trek Bikes or Giants at 21 or 24 speeds. These bikes are recommended for biking in mountainous areas or on single tracks.

Here is sample bike tours we customize in Vietnam:

One-day bike tours:

Overnight bike tours:

Three-Day bike tours:

Longer Multi-day bike Tours:

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