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1 Day Bike Trip Hanoi Rural Villages

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The 1 Day bike trip Hanoi is customized for those who like to discover the rural Hanoi by bicycle. The day trip starts with a transfer, or a short walk from your hotel to our bike garage is located near the Long Bien fruit market.



The 1 Day Bike Trip Hanoi Rural Villages is customized for those who like to discover, by bicycle the suburb of Hanoi, Hanoi rural villages. You start cycling from our bike garage, following narrow roads to an ancient village, then a flower village. The area is covered by vegetable, bonsai gardens, and flower fields. This tour sets itself apart by bringing international tourists the real Vietnamese’ culture, one that is not commonly shown in a classic day tour of Hanoi. It promise a great experience as tourists spend time outdoors to inhale the fresh air, smell the green rice fields, be charmed by the flowing Red river and learn about local people.

Option 1

8:00 AM: You will be met up with Lotussia Travel guide at your hotel in Hanoi. Depending on the location of your hotel, either have a short walk or take a taxi to get to our bike garage.

Arrival at our bike garage, you check the bikes and have some test ride before starting your day adventure. You cycle along the Red River dykes. After about a half hour cycling, you arrive in a small hamlet, located by the Red River riverside where people live of trading ceramics. Have a short visit. Then keep biking until you reach an ancient village.

Option 2

8:00 AM: You will be met up with Lotussia Travel guide at your hotel in Hanoi. Take a taxi to get out of Hanoi downtown. Reach our bike garage after about a half an hour. Arrival at our bike garage, you check the bikes and have some test ride before starting your day adventure.

Continued… for both options

Arrive in an ancient village, one of few villages which have still kept intact the cultural features and old historical architecture despite the impacts of rapid urbanization. Located about 10K from downtown Hanoi, this Village is famous for its communal house, many old houses and ancestral worshipping houses hundreds of years old.

Walking your bike slowly through the village’s mossy gate and on a brick-paved road, you will walk into a completely different space, which is quiet, peaceful and quaint. The first and must-see destination is its large-scale communal house which was built in 1653 to worship three genies. The communal house is a solemn place where the village’s most important events take place.

Keep biking on narrow paved roads, through the local market, is the most crowded at about 8AM. You cycle mostly on the back roads, crossing a river, arriving completely in the outskirts of Hanoi. You keep bicycling for some more kilometers on flat village lanes until you turn right, finding yourselves in a peaceful area. There is no noise of bike horn, no crowds, but you and the nature! Make a stop for fresh air. Then continue cycling for about 2-3K to cross the dyke again. Make another stop/rest in a rural village. You have the chance to meet up, and to chat with local friendly villagers.

Cycling for more 5K you arrive in a Flower Village, the oldest flower village in the suburban area. The village was formed about 10 years ago. The most popular flowers in this area are rose, gerbera and lily. Many vegetables are now growth. You have the chance to help local farmers in their work.

Continue biking amidst flower fields, vegetable gardens and rural hamlets for about 5-7K, then make another stop. You have the chance to taste some cakes made of sweet potatoes.

There are about 7 more kilometers before you arrive a local restaurant. Make a stop for lunch.

After lunch, take a taxi to get back to your hotel. End of tour at about 15.30 – 16.00.


There are about 40 – 50km to cycle without back up vehicle.
We use mountain bikes for this day tour.

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