January 2, 2014

Business Registration

What is a Business Registration in Vietnam?

In order to do business in Vietnam, all entrepreneurs have to register their company to the authorities to get permission and license to operate.

This business registration process usually takes place at the Business Registration Department of the Provincial or City Office of Planning and Investment.

In Hanoi where our our business was registered, this governmental office is situated at #16 Cat Linh Street, Dong Da District (the map below).

How to get it approved?

The process to register your business consists of three main stages.

Firstly, you need to submit the registering application directly at the Business Registration Department and make an appointment to collect the license. The registering application consists of a request paper for registration of the enterprise and an ID of the company owner – either a notarized copy of your passport or citizen card will do. In some special cases, you also need to produce the certificate of legal capital or the certificate of profession if they are required.

After that, the Business Registration Department will assess your application to examine whether it is valid or not, and prepare the business license to the valid application.

Finally, after 5 days from the submitting day, you can come again to the Business Registration to collect your result. If your application is approved, you can receive your business license immediately, but if not, you can take back your application for modifying and fixing, and then resubmit it in the same place.

Our Business Registration

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