September 30, 2015

Vietnam cycle tours by type

vietnam cycle tours type

Vietnam cycle tours and cycling holidays we at Vietnam Cycling design and list on this page by the type of tour including fully guided bike tours, semi-guided bicycle tours, and self-supported bike tours.

Guided bicycle tours

If you enjoy meeting new people, and having a guide and structured daily schedule, then a guided bike tour is probably the best fit for you.

These bicycle tours provide the convenience of having everything planned out for you: accommodation, rental bikes, meals, luggage transfers, sightseeing tours and so on. Our guide will choose the best places to eat, comfy places to stay and good services wherever we cycle.

Support and personnel vary by tour, but one guide typically rides with the group, while a driver drives a support van with your luggage. The van also makes it possible to bridge less attractive or more challenging sections of a route. There can be a mechanic when the group size is big or the service is required by the customers.

This is the most popular type of tours we have been providing in Vietnam.

Fully guided bicycle tours

A Vietnam Cycling fully guided bicycle tour is a great choice for the adventure-hungry cyclist who prefers riding with a smaller load — the individual who relishes the freedom of riding unencumbered but still enjoys a cycling challenge.

Besides lightening your load, the presence of the support vehicle adds a degree of security in that you’ll have a ride available in the case of injury, illness, or mechanical breakdown. Meanwhile, our guide can share information about the area you’re cycling through and solve any problems or concerns that may arise.

Sample itineraries

What’s usually included on a fully guided bike tour?

The short answer is “almost everything.” See the service proposal for what’s included on specific tours, but here’s a general list of what you get on a fully supported bike tour:

  • Biking guide.
  • Bikes rental.
  • Helmet rental.
  • Support van.
  • Lodging.
  • Boat trip (where available).
  • Meals.
  • Snacks.
  • Bottled water.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees.

Semi-guided bicycle tours

Basically, it’s bicycle(s) and a guide or mechanic man rental. Forget about bike fix, negotiation and navigation, just decide your own tempo. You have total flexibility to stop, eat and sleep wherever you want. You pay as you go.

Sample itineraries

What’s usually included on a semi-guided bike tours?

It can be bike rental and a biking guide (option 1) or bike rental with a mechanic man (option 2) or bike rental, a biking guide and a van (option 3). See the service proposal for what’s included on specific tours.

Self-supported bicycle tours

Self-guided individual bike tours have become increasingly popular because of the flexibility and independence they offer. They cost less than guided bicycle tours that allows you to explore on your own schedule without sweating the logistics.

This option is best when you are looking for a new adventure away from the norm. However, you need to have good cycling skills and are able to handle things on your own. If you have limited cycling experience then this is not for you. We provide reliable bikes, a tool kit, spare parts.

Be sure to consider your comfort level with navigating a different culture and foreign language, reading maps and signs, ordering food, and dealing with flats or other minor emergencies – some travelers don’t enjoy doing these things for themselves, but others find them the best part of an adventure.

Sample itineraries

Guided bicycle tours vs self-supported bike tours

Need help deciding between a guided or self-supported bike tour? Here’s a helpful comparison of these two options.

Guided bicycle toursSelf-supported bicycle tours
Riding styleRiders tend to stick together as a group with the guide. Guide points out sights of interest and importance.At your own pace, stopping at sights that interest you.
Typical dayWake up, breakfast, ride, enjoy the sights, organized activities, lunch, ride, enjoy the sights, organized activities, dinner at hotel or nearby restaurant.Wake up, breakfast, ride, lunch on your own, ride, enjoy the sights, dinner on your own.
Follow ridersYou usually bike in a small group, typically from different countries or with your private party.You ride alone or with your private party.
Tours & activitiesYou will join your guide on sightseeing tours and included activities.Explore the places on your own.
SupportThe guide or mechanic man take care of breakdowns. The support van is always close by.You are provided with service hotline number to call in case of questions or problems. We will do our best to help or advice.
OrganizationAll the trips services are organized by Vietnam Cycling. You just ride and enjoy the scenery.You need to book your accommodation, meals, sightseeing, tickets…