January 2, 2014

International Tour Operator Licence

What is the purpose of a license?

The tour operator licensing system provides a consistent legislative framework for licensing commercial tourism and commercial recreation activity in Vietnam.

Licensing provides government with assurances that tour operators are:

  • Implementing risk management measures associated with a tour or activity.
  • Meeting relevant safety standards.
  • Complying with environment protection conditions.

Who requires a tour operator license?

A business who conducts an organized tour or recreational activity for profit is required to hold a tour operator license.

An individual person has not the authorization to organize any tour or recreational activity in Vietnam (The T.O License is not provided to an individual person).

Our Tour Operator License

Here at Vietnam Cycling, we are fully licensed by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) as an International Tour Operator.

Our International Tour Operator License number is 01-044 / 2014 / TCDL-GP LHQT.

Tour Operator License

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