July 27, 2016

Ways to save

Travel during the Low Season

For most international visitors, low tourism season in Vietnam goes from January to September. During this period, there are fewer international travelers coming to Vietnam while most of Vietnamese people travel at weekend.

Therefore there are some unexpected tourism peaks along the year. They are related to Vietnamese national holiday times such as the TET Holiday (Jan-Feb), 1st of May, 2nd Sep.

Joining a group tour

Save more by joining a group tour (sharing your tour with other travelers). The price of a group tour is lower than the price of a private tour. You save much by taking part in a group tour. This really helps when your group size is small or you travel solo.

Paying early

Depending on how far in advance you pay, you can earn anywhere from 3% up to a full 7% off the cost of your trip.

If you pay this fare in advanceYou save this off your trip price
7 months or greater7% off
From 5 months up to 7 months5% off
From 3 months up to 4 months3% off