Ha Giang Weather

The topography of the province of Hà Giang is fairly complex with “temperate, but highly localized montane weather patterns create variable conditions among different regions”. It has very impressive landform of limestone and granite peaks and outcrops. It has three regions.

Climatically, it has two seasons, a dry and monsoon season dependent on the altitude of the region. The two northern Indochinese climatic zones on the border influence the climate in that part of the province. The lower areas in the province comprise low hills, the Lô River Valley and the town of Ha Giang. In Cao Bo district, the dry season lasts from mid-September until the end of May, and the balance period of the year is the rainy season. However, in Du Gia district the wet season set in one month earlier. The average annual temperature in the provincial city of Ha Giang City is 22.78 °C (73.00 °F); the monthly averages range from a low of 15.48 °C (59.86 °F) in January to a high of27.88 °C (82.18 °F)C in July.

The annual rainfall in Ha Giang City is 2,430.1 millimetres (95.67 in); the monthly average varies from a low of 31.5 millimetres (1.24 in) in December to a high of 515.6 millimetres (20.30 in) in July.

The average annual humidity level is 84%.

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