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Hoi An is one of the best place for family bike tours in the central Vietnam. Hoi An offers a wide selection of cycling tours including both short day trips around Hoian and long bike rides to Hue, Nha Trang.

Hoian is located in the central Vietnam, about a half hour drive from Da Nang, 3 hour drive from Hue. Enjoy a scenic ride in the countryside and get a taste of the real Vietnam on this full-day bike tour from Hoi An. Venture off the tourist trail and pedal around the islands and villages of the Song Thu river delta, hopping on a boat or cycling across bamboo bridges to the reach the islands. Stop off along the way to peek into rural villages, experience traditional handicraft demonstrations and eat lunch with a local family at their home.

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Hoi An was an important port developed in 17th century and remained so for a long time. There used to be canals parallel to the streets, so merchandise could be loaded straight from the back of houses onto the boats. Hoi An’s continuance as a port lasted right up until the early years of the 20 century, when the river became silted up forcing the cargo ships to call at Da Nang instead.

In the past Hoi An has been used by the Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, French and the large remaining Chinese community where all sorts of produce and wares were traded. Remnants of these past traders’ influences can still be seen lining the streets of Hoi An. There are nine different types of historical sites in Hoi An with an average age of 200 years. They include private houses, family chapels, community halls, communal houses, temples, pagodas, bridges, wells and tombs. Many of these buildings have been maintained close to their original form, allowing you imagination to recreate a prosperous trading town. The houses are small and colorful with wooden doors and two round “wooden house’s eyes” above, window shutters and ornamental furniture. A pleasant change from the iron bars and metal grates of other towns.

Hoi An is full of shops selling artwork, from lifelike memorial family portraits, to stylized images of Hoi An houses and streets. Next door to the art shops are places selling souvenir statues, ceramic plates, and ‘antique’ bowls. At the market place beside the river, you can pick up almost anything you want. Tourists are often being lured into the markets to buy silk and to have quality garments tailor made. You can have anything from dresses and trousers to shirts and hats made for a cheap price.

Another noticeable quality of Hoi An is its relative silence. There are few cars and people do not feel the urge to use their horns every two seconds. The streets are filled with the hum of voices, motorbikes and the shuffling of thongs along the ground. Hoi An is small enough to get around on foot, and you will need a set of wheels if you are going to Cua Dai Beach, or on a day trip to the Marble Mountains or Da Nang.

A relaxing activity around sunset is to hire a boat from the waterside by the market place. Many of the locals will wait on the river and offer you this service throughout the day and night.

For active travelers, we have some day eco tours, bike trips out of Hoian ancient town. Some extension trekking tours to the Vietnam central highlands can also be arranged upon request.

Hoi An bike tours

Cycle through the countryside of Hoi An on an exhilarating half-day bike tour that showcases rural life in Vietnam. Wheel through hidden alleyways in the historic center of Hoi An to rural roads that pass through picturesque villages, farms and fisheries. Stop to visit local families and artisans, taste fresh fruits and regional foods, and meet the people of Quang Nam Province.

See Hoi An from a different perspective during a private bike tour that provides a perfect introduction for first-time visitors. Choose from a morning or afternoon departure time and set off to explore the countryside at a relaxed pace that’s suitable for all fitness levels. You’ll pass emerald rice paddies and farms, and have the freedom to stop and take photos without the hassle of parking. Plus, a guide provides insight into local cultural and tradition.

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