Kon Tum Vietnam

Kon Tum Vietnam, another ideal place of off the beaten path cycling holidays is located in Vietnam central highlands, about 246km from Buon Ma Thuot, 215km from Quy Nhon, 49km from Pleiku. If you look for off the beaten path mountain bike tours, road cycling, homestay, ethnic culture, elephant ride, then Kon Tum may be your choice.

Kon Tum Vietnam Map

Kontum is situated in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, sharing border with Laos, Cambodia on the west, Quang Nam Province on the north, Quang Ngai Province on the east and Gia Lai Province on the south.

On the north of the province, there is a high mountain range – the Ngoc Linh (2,598m) and Ngoc Phan (2,251m). Half of the province is covered by forests offering valuable wood, rare birds. Basalt soil is suitable to plan rubber, coffee, tea, and sugar cane. Thus there are 26,000ha of grassland in the province, offering good condition to raise cattle.

Coming to Kontum, you have the chance to discover beautiful mountainous landscapes such as Ngok Linh Mountain, Chu Mon Ray Primitive Forest, Dak Tre Tourist Site, and Dak To Hot Spring. There are also other historical relics including Kontum Former Prison, Dak Glei Prison, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Dak To, Tan Canh Battle Field.

You will be impressed by beautiful wooden stilt houses in Ba Na villages, the local Communal House (Nha Rong) that is only found in the area.

Kon Tum Weather

Kontum has feature climate of Central Highland. That is tropical monsoon one. There are two seasons. The rain season lasts from May to October. The dry season lasts from November to April next year. Annual average temperature is
23.4oC. Annual average rainfall is 1,884mm.

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