Phu Yen Vietnam

Phu Yen Vietnam is located in the southern part of Vietnam. Thanks to its beautiful, isolated beaches Phu Yen offers some of best Vietnam beach vacations. There are a couple of road cycling tours may include Phu Yen province, offering the chance to discover the best part of Vietnam central coast.

Phu Yen Map

Phu Yen province is situated in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, sharing its border with Binh Dinh Province on the north, Khanh Hoa Province on the south, Dak Lak and Gia Lai provinces on the west and East Sea on the east.

Tuy Hoa, the provincial capital of Phu Yen is 120km from Nha Trang, and 561km from Ho Chi Minh City. There are flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Tuy Hoa Airport.

What to visit

Phu Yen has beautiful Cham towers as well as natural landscapes including Nhan Tower on the northern bank of the Da Rang River. This was a place of worship for the Cham people dated in the late 11th to the early 12th centuries.

My A Beach (Long Thuy) is a beautiful beach with white sand and clear water. Loan lagoon, Hon Chua, Hon Yen islands, Tien Beach, Da Trang Pagoda, Da Dia Rapids are some other impressive attractions in Phu Yen.

Vung Ro Port, Ro Bay and Bac Deo Ca Natural Preservation has rich of flora and fauna. The west of Phu Yen is Krong Trai National Preservation and Go Thi Thung Vestige.

Phu Yen Weather

Influenced by ocean climate, the weather here is hot with high humid and lots of rain. Annual average temperature is 26.5oC.

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