Biking Hanoi Tay Tuu flower village video

tay tuu village, hanoi

Tay Tuu flower village is located in the western Hanoi, about 20K from Hanoi downtown. The village has become famous for its large variety of beautiful flowers. Traveling by bicycle is a great way to see the suburbs of Hanoi, Hanoi countryside, local temples, pagoda, and to experience the rich culture of Vietnam. Enjoy the video I have shoot on my recent bicycle trip to Tay Tuu flower village and let me know your thoughts.

Tay Tuu flower village in the outlying district of Tu Liem is now considered the biggest flower granary in Hanoi, providing a variety of flowers such as daisies, roses, purple heart-bells, and colorful carnations.

People may think it is easy to farm with flowers but this is not the case. In reality, a high quality flower field requires very special attention to the minutest details, and the entire crop can go to waste if something went wrong. The first stage in establishing a flower farm is to prepare the fields by marking furrows with a milling machine and growing seedlings. The second stage – the most important and difficult, as it determines whether a tree will survive or not – is grafting nodes onto the young trees after two months’ growth.

The grafted plants require special care for the next 20 days, after which the grafts’ nylon coverings are removed to allow the grafted shoots to grow. It takes another three months before the flowers can be harvested, during which time a lot of work such as weeding and spraying insecticide has to be done in the fields.

Visiting Tay Tuu flower village on the days before Tet, visitors will have an opportunity to see a variety of colorful flowers and how the locals, carefully care for the flowers to make them blossom exactly in time for Tet.

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