Hanoi Photos: Cycle Dong Ngac, Tay Tuu Villages

cycle dong ngac, tay tuu village

Hanoi Photos: Cycle Dong Ngac, Tay Tuu Villages is our photo gallery which contains pictures and photos were taken in Dong Ngac ancient village and Tay Tuu flower village in the suburb of Hanoi. These pictures were shot in Chem communal house, Ve, Dong Ngac ancient village and in some other villages in Hanoi countryside.

Like many other villages in northern Vietnam, Dong Ngac village is moving forward with the pace of development but it has still preserved its architectural works, ancient houses 100 years old in the architectural style of the northern delta in Vietnam or the French style, Tu Khanh Pagoda built in the 18th -19th century and dozens of ancestral worshipping houses of the Do, Pham, Phan, Nguyen and Hoang families.

The photo gallery is contributed by our local team of tour guide, driver, customers, partners, and cyclists who have been to Dong Ngac ancient village, Tay Tuu flower village. Please contact us if you need more pictures for your inspiration or more high resolution photos.

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Dong Ngac village tours

We at Vietnam Cycling arrange not only a cycling day trip Hanoi Dong Ngac village, but also some other car trips in half day offering you a chance to discover Hanoi countryside at your own pace. Most of our day tours begin from downtown Hanoi. But the detailed itinerary can be customized to fit your personal requirements.

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