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Cao Bang map

Cao Bang Province is located in the Far North- East, shares borders with China on the north and east, Bac Kan and Lang Son provinces on the south, and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang provinces on the west. The topography is complicated so inter-transportation is limited.

Cao Bang is the capital of Cao Bang province in northern Vietnam. While unremarkable in and of itself, Cao Bang is an easy-going gateway to the surrounding lakes, minority villages, karst peaks, caves, and the Ban Gioc Waterfall on the Chinese border. For those tired of the tourist circuit of coastal Vietnam, Cao Bang is also a refreshing glimpse into a city that exists solely on its own terms.

Cao Bang is 272km north of Hanoi following National Highway No.3. Cao Bang has National Highway No.4B and 3 linking to Lang Son, Bac Kan, Ha Giang provinces and to China. There are direct buses from Hanoi, Thai Nguyen and Lang Son.

Cao Bang weather

Cao Bang has temperate climate. There are 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. The average temperature is 25 – 28oC in summer and 16 -17oC in winter. Snow sometimes falls in winter on high mountains such as Trung Khanh, Tra Linh.

Cao Bang best things to see

The cool weather combines with many high mountains, beautiful sightseeings to form the convenient for relaxing tour and discovery tour. Famous sites include Thang Hen Mountainous Lake in Tra Linh, Ban Gioc Fall and Nguom Ngao Cave in Trung Khanh. Among of them, Ban Gioc Fall probably is one of most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. Several sites where Uncle Ho lived and worked before the August 1945 Revolution include Pac Bo, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Khuoi Nam Stream.

Thang Hen Lake – surrounded by mountains, this serene lake is at its best in the rainy season. During the dry season the lake shrinks and is not as impressive, but there are a few rafts that you can take. Walking in the nearby mountains brings you past local herders and farmers. There are no buses to Thang Hen, so the cheapest option is to hire a motorbike driver for the half-day trip.

Ban Gioc Waterfall – this breathtaking waterfall, the largest in Vietnam, straddles the China-Vietnam border. The water is particularly thunderous in the wet season but is still beautiful during the dry. You can take a raft out into the river to the base of the falls and greet Chinese tourists doing the same from the other side. Ban Gioc is about 85km from Cao Bang, about 3 hours away.

Nguom Ngao Cave – ask your driver to take you to Nguom Ngao before or after Ban Gioc. This immense cave holds a series of majestic, jaw-dropping caverns, filled with delicate, intricate formations of stalactites and stalagmites. In the low season, you may even have the cave to yourself, an experience probably not to be had elsewhere. Optional guides will helpfully point out particularly interesting rocks and bat roosts.

Cao Bang City – Bao Lac – Bao Lam – Ha Lang – Ha Quang – Hoa An – Nguyen Binh – Phuc Hoa – Quang Uyen – Thach An – Thong Nong – Tra Linh – Trung Khanh

Ethnic groups in Cao Bang

Many ethnic groups live together here. It creates plentiful traditional culture. Tay group makes up a large amount of population. They have own handwriting (Tay-Nung language group). The Tay’s special culture is showed in village festival, vi and then singing.

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