Vietnam Bike Tours Reviews

Vietnam bike tours reviews is a collection of reviews, feedback and testimonials travelers and Vietnam Cycling clients have made after they toured in Vietnam.

According to Michael, an Australian traveler, the best place for mountain biking in Vietnam is the northern area. Lots of beautiful bicycle trails that take travelers through untouched areas, hill tribe villages where they have the opportunity to taste truly Vietnamese dishes, to meet local friendly people.

Although Sapa is a little touristy, it is one of the great destination for you co have mountain biking. You have the opportunity to cycle on both easy asphalt roads and on single dirt roads. The bicycle tours can be easy or difficult depending on how long you will cycle and in which condition the road is. When you book a cycling tour with Vietnam Cycling, a biking specialist will recommend an itinerary based on your needs and budget.

A Canadian traveler Sylvain prefers easy cycle. He does not want to cycle for all day long. What he likes the most is some easy and short cycle that offers fun experience. Lots of easy and short cycle tours are provided in Hanoi and around such as Hoa Lu, Tam Coc (“Halong bay in land”), Mai Chau, Cuc Phuong National park, But Thap pagoda. A half day biking tour or a full day cycle tours can be arranged to these places.

Regarding the bicycle tours to the Mekong delta, the nipponguy, a trip advisor member said: we were brought near the Mekong River by a van and we basically cycled through the villages and onto bigger streets for the whole day. It was nice to breeze past rice fields, local communities and schools – one of the nicer touches we liked was how close we were with the local community. Our tea breaks, lunch and even the boat rides were all done using local resources which didn’t seem very commercialized yet, and that benefited the local community directly. This is definitely the highlight for our trip in Ho Chi Minh.

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