Cycling Mai Chau Vietnam Reviews

Cycling Mai Chau Vietnam

Mai Chau is located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi, the Vietnam’s capital and 60 km from Hoa Binh town. The journey takes about three and a half hour drive from Hanoi.

Coming to Mai Chau Vietnam is to come and visit the two village Lac and Poom Coong are both inhabited by the White Thai people. The Mai Chau valley is surrounded by beautiful stilt houses villages scatting on the hill sides. Most of travelers come to Mai Chau Vietnam in search of a real life experience. They usually spend a night in a local stilt house of the Thai people in Lac and Poom Coong village. They will share the house with family, have dinner with the host.

Spend the afternoon cycling by green rice fields, and local Thai hamlets. The scenery is not grandiose with immense terraced fields and rain forests. But Mai Chau is a very quiet, peaceful and friendly place. And Mai Chau is worth for a two or three day bicycle journey. If you don’t have much time, you can still enjoy a half day cycling around Lac and Poom Coong village (Mai Chau Vietnam). If you have much more time, several days to spend on cycling in this area, you can book a two-day, three-day, four-day cycling tour, or even longer.

Cycling Mai Chau Vietnam

Booking a cycling guided tour is highly recommended when you travel to Mai Chau, especially when you arrange an off-the-beaten track biking tour. You will cycle from one village to another, and a local biking guide knows the trail. The local biking tour guide also knows the local culture. He will tell you what you should do and should not during the cycling trip.

There are not as many ethnic groups as you can meet in Sapa or other areas in northern Vietnam such as Ha Giang province, Yen Bai province, Lai Chau province…. But Mai Chau Vietnam is really a very good place for easy cycling tours which do not have lots of up and downhill ride. Cycling tours to Mai Chau are recommended for family travel or those ride on flat roads.

Mai Chau Vietnam cycling is good for both active travelers and family holidays. Some optional off-road ride, riding on single tracks can be suggested on the spot. Therefore, if you travel with your kids, try to ask your biking guide to pedal on the most suitable trails that can be done by everyone.

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