Hanoi vietnam weather and climate

Lie on The north of Vietnam, hanoi has four distinct seasons each year, those are: spring, summer, fall, winter. Spring months are March, April and May; Summer is June, July, August; autumn is September, October, November; winter is December, January, February. Summer months, Hanoi is quite hot, the temperature can get about 38oC to 40oC.[…]

Hoian vietnam weather and climate

Hoi An is located in a tropical monsoon climate. Temperatures are high and less changing. Each year has two seasons: the rainy season lasts from August to December and dry season from January to July. In the rainy season is often rainy and very humid climate, located beside the sea so often affected by tropical[…]

Mui Ne Phan Thiet Vietnam weather and climate

Mui Ne-Phan Thiet enjoys typical coastal climate with beautiful sunshine nearly all year round. Annual average temperature is 27°C and average humidity is 79%, relatively lower than all other cities in Vietnam. There are two main seasons: dry season is from November to April and wet season from May to  October. The best time to[…]

Ha Giang Vietnam Weather

The topography of the province of Hà Giang is fairly complex with “temperate, but highly localized montane weather patterns create variable conditions among different regions”. It has very impressive landform of limestone and granite peaks and outcrops. It has three regions. Climatically, it has two seasons, a dry and monsoon season dependent on the altitude[…]

Ho Chi Minh city Climate & Weather Forecast

Located in South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City city has a tropical climate. The average humidity level is 75%, average temperature is 28 °C. The city is generally warm, and has a monsoon season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. During the rainy season starting from May to November,[…]

Hanoi Vietnam Climate & Weather Forecast

Hanoi has typical North Vietnam climate, with a cold and dry winter (when temperatures can drop to as low as 6°C – 7°C) and a hot and extremely humid summer (temperatures can climb up to a maximum of 35°C). Spring is characterized with light drizzles while the summers bring heavy rain. Hanoi, Vietnam The best[…]

Hue Vietnam Climate & Weather Forecast

The coast and delta area of Hue has tropical climate and is divided into two distinguished seasons. The dry season (from March to August) has a maximum temperature of 400 C and the colder, rainy season (August to January) has temperatures that can go down to 19,70 C. In higher areas (on mountains, highlands) the[…]

Nha Trang Vietnam Climate & Weather Forecast

Nha Trang is extremely lucky to not be influenced by monsoon winds that turn the rest of southern Vietnam into water six months every year. Nha Trang has a warm, fair and beautiful climate nearly all year round, with the exception of late October, November and early December. The best time to visit Nha Trang[…]

Dalat Vietnam Weather & Climate

Surrounded by mountains and pine forests, Da Lat has many characteristics of a temperate climate. The average temperature here is 18–21°C, with highest temperature 30°C and lowest 5°C. Dalat also has the two season climate typical of South Vietnam, with a monsoon season from May to October and a dry season from November to April.[…]

Vietnam Weather

Vietnam covers a substantial latitudinal range, with temperatures varying depending on the elevation and geographical situation of each region. Distinct wet and dry periods occur across the year, though rain continues to fall year-round. Southern Vietnam is the hottest region. When planning a visit to the south, it is best to arrive during the less[…]

Sapa Vietnam Weather & Climate

The climate of Sapa is highly seasonal, with a subtropical climate in the summer and a temperate climate during the winter. Average temperature for Sapa  town is 15.4ºC, with a maximum of 29.4ºC and a minimum of 1ºC. Sapa  also experiences a marked wet season from May to September, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in[…]