Hanoi Red River Island Photos

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Hanoi Red River Island Photos is our photo gallery of pictures and photos were taken in Bai Giua, the small island that is situated right under Long Bien Bridge, and can be accessed via some small pathways. These pictures were shot not only on the island, but also its surrounding area such as urban villages, the Red River dyke, flower fields, bonsai gardens, floating village…

Hanoi Red River island, also dubbed as “Banana Island” by Hanoi expats is a huge garden with various types of vegetables and fruits, especially banana. The island has become a meeting point for people coming from different walks of life: joggers taking the island as one of the very few places to enjoy fresh air and freedom from traffic, swimmers and people practicing nudism, bodybuilders, farmers and marginalized people living in floating houses on the bank of the Red River.

The photo gallery is contributed by our local team of tour guide, driver, customers, partners, and cyclists who have been to Hanoi Red River Island. Please contact us if you need more pictures for your inspiration or more high resolution photos.

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Hanoi Red River Island tours

We at Vietnam Cycling arrange not only a half day cycling trip to Hanoi Red River Island, but also some other day trip and walk offering you a chance to discover the island your own way. Most of our day tours begin from downtown Hanoi. But the detailed itinerary can be customized to fit your personal requirements.

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