Vietnam Central Highlands

buon ma thuot elephant ride

Vietnam Central Highlands is an area of stunning natural beauty which extends from the Cat Tien National Park in the south as far as Quang Nam in the north. The region sees few foreign visitors, and many of them go to revisit old battlefields or see the indigenous tribes.

Besides the pleasant city of Dalat, it is the scenery and the ethnic minorities living here that draw travellers to this region. Although most people around here, different to their counterparts in the north-west highlands, only don their traditional clothing for special occasions, the shape and structure of the housings is much more diversified and striking. From long houses to bamboo huts, stilt houses and large communal houses, every region and ethnic has its own distinct style. Everyday life is the same simple agricultural routine, and you are likely to get invited for a mug of rice wine rather often.


Travelling through Vietnam via the magnificent Central Highlands is a fabulous alternative to the much trodden coastal route.

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