Bac Ha Vietnam

bac ha market, vietnam

Bac Ha is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province in the northwest region of Vietnam. Bac Ha district covers an area of 680 square kilometres, offering a wide range of activities and tours. Cycling is the great way to discover Bac Ha Vietnam. The less-traveled district of Bac Ha has sealed, paved cycle routes, single dirt tracks, mountain trails offering fantastic bike rides for enthusiastic road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Bac Ha map

Bac Ha district contains 1 township and 20 communes including Bac Ha town, Ban Pho, Ban Lien, Ban Gia, Bao Nhai, Ban Cai, Coc Ly, Coc Lau, Nam Mon, Nam Khanh, Nam Det, Na Hoi, Lau Thi Ngai, Lung Phin, Lung Cai, Ta Cu Ty, Ta Van Chu, Ta Chai, Thai Giang Pho, Hoang Thu Pho, and Nam Luc.

Bac Ha is the capital of the region of the Flower Hmong, one of the 54 minorities of Vietnam and of the six groups of Hmong people. It is famous for its Sunday morning market, where thousands of locals gathered, the women dressed in their very intricate handmade costumes, as well as for the Saturday morning smaller market of Can Cau, 18 kilometres (11 mi) north of Bac Ha town. The town is enjoying an economic boom thanks to tourism, centered on the markets and, more and more, excellent trekking in the mountains north of the town.

Bac Ha was the location at which the adventure sport competition “Raid Gauloises” was held in 2002. Bac Ha is also famous for its Tam Hoa plums; the flowers of the tree must bloom three times before the fruits are ripe.

Hanoi to Bac Ha

The best way to get to Bac Ha is to take the overnight train from Hanoi. There are several night trains each day from and to Hanoi. Most of the night trains depart from Hanoi train station at about 20.00 and arrive Lao Cai train station at about 5.00 am. There are 220 Volt / 50 Hz power outlets in the soft seat coaches. Upon your arrival at Lao Cai train station, Lao Cai city you can either rent a car or take Lao Cai local bus to get to Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district.

Rent a car from Hanoi is a great way to get to Bac Ha. It takes about 6 hours to reach Lao Cai city, and two more hours to get to Bac Ha town.

Bac Ha weather

As the district is mostly mountainous, it experiences a dry cold climate from October to March, while the tropical monsoon is rainy season which lasts from April to September. The annual average temperature is 23 °C (73 °F). The temperature generally ranges between 18 °C (64 °F) and 28 °C (82 °F) in Bac Ha. Fog and frost are a common phenomenon in the winter in Bac Ha.

Bac Ha bike tours

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