Ben Tre Vietnam

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Ben Tre Vietnam is not only known for the floating market, but also pleasant cycling day trips from Ho Chi Minh city. Ben Tre is situated in Mekong Delta, sharing its border with Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Tra Vinh. It has 60km seashore.

Ben Tre Vietnam map

Geographically, Ben Tre is wedged between the two main branches of the Tien Giang River, which is itself one of the two main branches of the Mekong. The province’s northern boundary is formed by the Tien Giang’s main course, while the province’s southern boundary is formed by the Tien Giang’s largest branch. Between the Tien Giang and its main branch are two smaller branches, passing through the middle of Ben Tre.

The entire province is criss-crossed with a network of smaller rivers and canals. The extensive irrigation that this provides makes Ben Tre a major producer of rice, but also means that the area is prone to flooding. The Climate Change Research Institute at Can Tho University, in studying the possible consequences of climate change, has predicted that 51% of Ben Tre province can be expected to be flooded if sea levels rise by 1 meter. Ben Tre Province is, on average, only 1.25 metres above sea level.

Having complex network of rivers and canals, Ben Tre has advantage to develop ecotourism with many green fruit gardens. There are agriculture productions such as rice, corn, pineapple, custard-apple, star apple, durian, mango, longan, and many more. Industrial trees are tobacco, sugar-cane, and cotton. Especially, Ben Tre is homeland of coconut. It is known with Ben Tre coconut candy, My Long Cai Mon flower and ornamental plant.

Ben Tre weather

It is moon soon climate. The rainy season lasts from May to October. The dry season lasts from December to April next year. The annual average temperature varies between 26 and 27oC. The annual average rainfall is 1,250mm – 1,500mm.

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