Tam Coc bicycle tours

Vietnam Cycling is a Hanoi based tour operator offering different bicycle tours to Tam Coc, Ninh Binh province in the northern Vietnam. There are such tours as day bicycle tours, two-day bicycle tours, three day bike tours which are arranged in and around Tam Coc. These bicycle are easy and fun since they are customized for group tours and family travel. These cycling tours can be divided into two categories as follows.

Tam Coc Easy Bicycle Tours


We call these bicycle tours are “easy” since there are about two hours cycling in Tam Coc and the bikes we use are classic push bikes. Customers will be transferred from Hanoi to Tam Coc by car. The drive takes about three hours. Upon their arrival in Tam Coc, they have a two-hour boat trip before starting their cycling adventure. The most popular biking trail in Tam Coc is the ride from Tam Coc to Dinh and Le temples, in Hoa Lu. This bicycle ride takes about two hours and you mostly cycle on flat, paved roads and through rural villages and rice fields.

Another biking trail you can do in Tam Coc is the ride from Tam Coc to Thai Vy temple, Bich Dong pagoda and the rural village is located next to the boat pier. This biking trail is shorter as it only takes one hour and a half.

The bikes we use for this bicycle tours are classic push bikes, Ashama or Thong Nhat. You take the bikes in Tam Coc, enjoy your bicycle tours. After the bicycle ride, you can either leave your bikes in Tam Coc or Hoa Lu. Our local team will take these back to our bike store in Tam Coc. Then you are transferred to Hanoi by the same car.

These easy bicycle tours are customized for group tours, family with children.

Tam Coc Active Bike Tours


The active bicycle tours are also provided in Tam Coc area. These can be one day, two day or three day cycling tours. Therefore, the difference of this option is the use of professional mountain bikes such as trek bikes at 24 speed drive train. There are about four to six hours cycling per day.

We need to bring these bikes from our bike store in Hanoi. Can enjoy the bicycle ride whenever you like while traveling from Hanoi to Tam Coc and vice versa. An more experienced biking guide is also required for these active bicycle tours. The guide need to know all the biking trails as well as the optional rest stops.

Please note the above Tam Coc bicycle tours are only some sample itineraries which can be further customized to exactly meet your needs and budget. If you have any question or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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