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Vietnam Cycle Holidays is a Vietnam Cycling webpage that lists a wide selection of cycle tours, travel guide, travel tips and useful information for you to plan a cycle holidays in Vietnam.

Our cycle tours are categorized by cycle destination and trip length. The most popular destination for arranging a cycle holiday in Vietnam may be the Northern area where the landscape is beautiful, the tradition and culture is rich, the scenery changes fast from one region to another.

If you don’t have much time, you can still have the opportunity to experience Vietnam by bicycle. half-day cycle tours and one-day biking tours can be arranged any time. Longer bicycle tours need to be booked in advance. Kindly note also that all our cycle tours are customized. All the biking trips are built based exactly on one’s need and budget.

In terms of weather, the best period for spending a cycle holiday in Vietnam is the dry season starting from October until April the following year. During this period, the temperature is cool with little rainy. This is the ideal weather for cycle.

During the summer time, it is possible for arranging a cycle holiday in Vietnam. Therefore the temperature is hot. The temperature goes around 30 – 37 degree C. There is sometimes big rain. If you are not able to chose the other time, then we suggest short cycle holiday such as a half day cycle or one-day cycle tours.

Planning a cycle holiday requires time, research and some training. Please take a look at our suggestions below or contact us for further information.

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