November 4, 2016

Bicycle Tours Bac Kan

bicycle tours bac kan northeast vietnam

Bicycle tours Bac Kan is our hand-picked collection of best bike tours Vietnam Cycling arranges in Bac Kan province and Ba Be national park in the northeast Vietnam.

Options include not only Bac Kan road cycling itineraries, Bac Kan overnight trip, but also a range of Ba Be national park tour. All these excursions and adventure trips are designed for small group tours, family travel, and those like to discover the landscape of northern Vietnam.

Bac Kan, also spelt Bac Can, is located in the Northeast region of Vietnam, due north of the capital Hanoi. The province is a mountainous terrain with rich natural resources of minerals and forests. It has numerous mountains, rivers and lakes which are very scenic. Ba Be National Park and Ba Be Lake lie within its borders.

Bac Kan has sealed, paved roads, and mountain trails offering fantastic bike rides for enthusiastic road cycling, mountain bikers. We have a range of road cycling and mountain bike tours in the Bac Kan region, providing options for both those who want some mountainous challenges and those who prefer long flat rides.

Cycle amongst massive limestone mountains adorned with ancient forest, jungle and steep rice terraces, cultivated by hill tribes to discover Bac Kan’s top travel attractions, buddhhist temples, pagodas, rural villages as well as many other interesting places in Bac Kan province Vietnam.