Vo Nhai Thai Nguyen

Vo Nhai Thai Nguyen is a rural district of Thai Nguyen Province in the north east Vietnam. Vo Nhai district covers an area of 845 km². The district is not an ideal place for challenging mountain bike rides. But the area offers easy day trips from Hanoi, off the beaten path bicycle tours, road cycling holidays are great for those who like to discover Vietnam countryside and rural villages.

Vo Nhai Map

Vo Nhai contains 1 township and 14 communes including Dinh Ca, Binh Long, Cuc Duong, Dan Tien, La Hien, Lau Thuong, Lien Minh, Nghinh Tuong, Phu Thuong, Phuong Giao, Sang Moc, Than Sa, Thuong Nung, Trang Xa, and Vu Chan.

Getting to Vo Nhai Thai Nguyen

The best way to get to Vo Nhai from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. The car journey takes about 2-3 hours on road. There are several daily buses from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen. Most of buses depart Hanoi from My Dinh bus station.

Vo Nhai Weather

The average temperatures in the hottest and the coldest months are 28.9 °C in June and 15.2 °C in January in the region of Vo Nhai. The lowest recorded is 13.7 °C. Total number of sunny hours in a year is ranges between 1,300 and 1,750, which is equally distributed for months in a year. The climate of the district of Vo Nhai has two distinct seasons: the rainy season from May to October and dry season from October to May. The average rainfall per annum lies in the range of 2,000 to 2,500 mm; it rains most in August and least in January. Generally speaking, Vo Nhai’s climate is favourable for developing agriculture and forestry.

Cycling around Vo Nhai

Cycling is the best way to explore Vo Nhai rural villages. Ride the quiet trails through rice fields and small villages. Make stops to learn about daily village life in Thai Nguyen and to enjoy some local snacks. Vo Nhai district has sealed, paved roads offering fantastic bike rides for enthusiastic road cyclists and countryside explorers. We have a range of road cycling trips and family bike tours around Vo Nhai and Thai Nguyen region, providing options for both those who want some easy fun day bicycle tours and those who prefer long flat rides. You don’t have to be a regular rider to enjoy it.

Our unique combination of countryside cycling activities, sightseeing and authentic cultural tour will take you far away from the regular tourist itinerary and “off the beaten track” deep into rural Vietnam where you will be able to see traditional villages, ancient pagodas, temples, communal houses, local customs and rituals as well as age-old traditions of Vietnamese people.

Take a bike ride in Vo Nhai to discover another Vietnam off the beaten path place which still stays away from mass tourism.

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