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Asama Bicycles are available for both Vietnam cycling tours and bike hire, rental in Hanoi.

ASAMA Vietnam officially started from 2000. Placed at Song Than 2 Industrial Park, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province, this factory is 70.000m2. The bike factory not only produces and assembles completed bikes, but also produces different bike parts and components. In 2004, ASAMA brand started on Vietnam bicycle market.

Until now, ASAMA bikes has been known by these products:

  • Lifestyle bikes: city bike, kids bike, trekking bike, tandem bike, e-bike
  • Sportive bikes: road bike, MTB bike, full-suspension bike, fat tire bike
  • Street culture bikes: BMX bike, Fixie bike
vietnam mountain bike asama

We aim for customer to experiment with excited and happy time on every activity with bikes. We would like to build up the valuable connection for family, friend in a healthy way, and hope to develop the custom to ride bike as daily commute.

Asama mountain bicycles are used for our short bike tours in Mai Chau and Tam Coc. Asama is named after one of Japan’s largest volcanoes, established in 1972 . Over the past years, the company has built up reputation by producing high quality, novel and affordable bicycles. Asama Taiwan (Yuh Jiun Industrial Co., Ltd.) become one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers.

Asama has 2 production factories in Taiwan, 1 factory in southern Vietnam producing bicycles for all age groups, from 12″ wheel size kids’ bikes to full suspension Mountain Bikes and Trekking Bikes.

Asama dedicate to design superb bicycles that meets the need and demand of the world bike lovers. At Vietnam Cycling we use Asama bikes for our day trips and short bike tours.

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2 thoughts on “Asama Bicycles

  • Dear Sir,
    Do you have old road or track frameset such as : mercier, peugeot, etc…??
    Please provide me with the info.


  • Hello, would it be possible to get the adress of you shop? My husband and I just arrived in Hanoi where we will be living for two years and we are looking to buy a bicycle. The fact is, we don’t really know what to look for to get bikes that will allow us to ride in th city but also join in some of your tours. Do you have any piece of advice you would like to share? Thanks a lot.

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