Dong Ngac cultural village cycling video

ve communal house, dong ngac festival

Dong Ngac cultural village is located by the Red River, about 15 km from Hanoi downtown. Traveling by bicycle is a great way to see the suburbs of Hanoi, Hanoi countryside, local temples, pagoda, and to experience the rich culture of Vietnam. Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts.

Away from the bustling, noisy atmosphere in Hanoi’s center, Dong Ngac not only attracts tourists for its reputation as the home of many famous scholars in Vietnam’s history but also its intact architecture and typical rural atmosphere. The village has preserved well many relic sites of hundreds of years old.

Stepping through the village’s mossy gate, cycling on the brick-paved road, you will come up with a completely different space, which is quiet and quaint. The communal house, family temples and ancient pagodas are the favourite sites for tourists. The communal house was built in 1653 with many trees of up to 500-700 years old. It also has 45 documents issued by Vietnamese kings.

Cycling around the village, you can stop at old houses of a few hundred years, made of ironwood. You will also discover East-West styled houses, which were built from 1739 to 1740.

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