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Do Temple is located in Dinh Bang Village, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province, 15km from Hanoi. The temple worships the eight Kings of Ly Dynasty and is famous for its unique architecture. We at provide day trips out of Hanoi, taking you to Bac Ninh, northern Vietnam. Cycling on the back roads to discover Bac Ninh’s most popular temple as well as north Vietnam countryside villages.

Do Temple was built during the Le Dynasty and has been altered several times since. The major reconstruction took place under the reign of Le Trung Hung, in the 17th century.

In front of the Temple lies a semi-circular lake, with clear and full water all the year round. The lake is connected with two ponds at both ends of the village, with the Tieu Tuong River in front of the village. In the center of the lake stands a square house reserved for water puppetry performances with two beautiful tiered roofs. To the south of the lake, there is a huge pavilion to preserve stone slabs inscribed with the merits of the eight kings of Ly Dynasty, and to the north of the lake, a 5-compartment floating house for visitors to take a rest.

The Temple’s gate includes five doors made of hard wooden plates assembled together and carved on top images of dragons waiting upon the moon. When the door opens, its two leaves are wide apart, and the two dragons on top of the doors seem to be soaring. On day, the dragons’ eyes when catching the light shine like gemstones. Along the three-step staircase, are carved two stone dragons with clouds around, on a green stone floor, symbolizing the Thang Long (Soaring Dragon) Capital.

Passing the gate and a large yard, a green stone paved road leads visitors to a square house, with eight tiered roofs and three compartments, 70m2 in area. Then there is a 7-compartment front worship house, 220m2 in area, whose front walls are hung with two big posters displaying capital letters: “Eight Kings together brightening” and “Co Phap Commune – a foundation of the Ly Dynasty”.

Then a three-compartment house, 80m2 in area, with eight tiered roofs. These three compartments are spacious and ventilated and on the axis leading to the Co Phap ancient back pavilion, 180m2 in area, and with the floor space in the shape of a Cong letter…

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We at Vietnam Cycling arrange several cycling day trips offering you a chance to discover Do temple at your own pace. Most of our day tours begin from Hanoi. But the detailed itinerary can be customized to fit your personal requirements.

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