Thanh Hoa Vietnam

Thanh Hoa Vietnam, one of top ten cycling places in north Vietnam is surrounded by Son La, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh, Nghe An, Laos, and the East Sea with 102km coastline. Pu Luong nature reserve is the most popular travel destination of Thanh Hoa province. There a wide range of road cycling trips, mountain bike tours are arranged with choice of trekking, homestay.

Thanh Hoa Vietnam Map

Topography is divided into plain, coastal and mountainous regions. Hilly and mountains account three quarters of the total area. The Western region own abundant resources of forest products, and huge hydroelectric potentials. The plain is the third largest one of Vietnam.

Located 16km from Thanh Hoa City, Sam Son Beach attracts lot of visitors to relax and bath. Beside the beach, Sam Son offers scenic spots such as Trong Mai Rocks, Doc Cuoc Temple and Mount Co Tien.

Tourists also like to discover Ben En National Park in Nhu Thanh, Nhu Xuan districts. The park is a complex of tropical forests, hills, mountains, rivers, springs, and Muc Lake. With natural landscapes and diversified flora and fauna, Ben En is suitable to eco-tourism, sightseeing, and scientific studies.

Cam Luong Fish Spring is another interesting place in Thanh Hoa, The stream contains thousands of fish that no one dares catch it. Fish in the stream have red mouth and fins, and brown scales, resembling carp. Please come to this place to play with fish, visit beautiful caves and grottos, watch dancing performances of Muong people and enjoy traditional lam rice and can wine.

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