Vietnam Bicycle Shop

There are so many bicycle shops in Vietnam. If you live in Vietnam big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, your bicycle may not be what you use every morning for going to work. The most popular local mean of transport is scooters and motorbikes.

Therefore, it will be very easy for you to find any bicycle shop, bicycle retailer in Hanoi. Most of bicycle shops are located in Ba Trieu streets. A wide selection of bicycles are offered by these bicycle shops including road bikes, mountain bikes and bikes for kids as well.

Most of the bicycles are sold by local shop in Hanoi are made-in-Vietnam bicycles. The models are more and more diverse offering a big choice. There are also imported bikes such as Giant, trek bikes, BMV bikes…which are good mountain bikes. These imported bikes are usually used by tour operator who arranges bicycle tours for their foreign customers.

“Lots of Vietnamese people are interested in sport bikes for kids. Buying a bike for their children is much better than a toy. The bike is not only a good toy. This is good for the health – According to Trung, a bicycle shop owner in Ba Trieu street.

Online bicycle shops are also available in Vietnam.

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