Vietnam Bike Riding

Vietnam is the country of motorbike, scooters and motorcycles. People go to work by motorcycle. They travel by motorcycle. The most popular mean of transport in both city and countryside is the motorbike.

However, an important number of Vietnamese people still use bicycle. They ride a bike for travel, for training and for fun.

Vietnam bike riding is organized by many local tour operators in Vietnam such as or Lotussia Travel. The company provides quite everything in a bike riding including support vehicle, bike hire, helmets, tour guide, meals…

If you look for a Vietnam bike riding, you should first do some research, ask your friends, your colleagues for advices, ask your tour operators to send for the most suitable itinerary following your needs.

There are many places where you can have a fun bike riding in Vietnam. It depends on the length of your vacations, of your travel dates and your budget of course.

If you look for a fun bike riding, then we suggest some day bike trips outside of Hanoi. You will be transferred to the countryside areas where you will enjoy your bike riding. The bike riding will go through local village houses and rice fields.

Please take a look at our suggestions below or contact us for further information.

Vietnam Family Bike Tours

Vietnam Road Cycling Tours

Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours

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