Vietnam Biking Vacation

cycling ha giang

Vietnam biking vacation is one of the most popular outdoor vacation activity is now available for both foreign tourists and Vietnamese travelers in Vietnam. Although lots of other outdoor activities are provided by local tour operators such as jungle trekking, motorbike touring, sea kayaking, river rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and countryside biking remain the favorite activity of active travelers.

Vietnam biking vacation is provided by Vietnam Cycling to both amateur and professional cyclists. For those who would like easy biking travel, our countryside biking, road bike tours may match their needs. These easy biking tours are arranged in flat areas where travelers will mostly bike through countryside roads and villages. The easy biking tour usually last for one day or two.

Mountain biking tours are more challenging that are more adventurous. These tours offer the feeling of real vacation since you will bike in remote, mountainous areas where the road are steady. You will need to biking up and downhill continuously. You will sometimes spend the night in a local house in a local hill tribe village.

If you look for a real biking vacation in Vietnam, you should biking to the mountainous areas, to pedal on single tracks, to meet local friendly people, to overnight in local hill tribe villages. Our biking tours are customized in order that you will have the opportunity to experience as much as possible the local life. The key point is to travel as a local. You will bike as we do. You will eat Vietnamese food and talk with our local team.

Biking vacation may not be sitting down in the air-conditioned bus and watch the scenery through the bus window. Biking vacation may not the fact of using luxury accommodation and eating western food.

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