Vietnam Biking Trails

biking ha giang

Vietnam Biking Trails is a collection of places where it is possible for you to arrange a biking tour in Vietnam. The biking trails are categorized by destination. It is easy for you to find the right biking trail based on your needs.

If you are interested in easy and fun biking tours, here are some destinations we recommend:


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is possible for you to enjoy half day biking tours and one-day biking. You will visit some Hanoi highlights by bike. The cycling distance is not long. But you need to be familiar with riding in the city. The traffic in Hanoi is busy, especially during rushed hour.

Hanoi Bike Tours

Tam Coc

Tam Coc is good for arrange overnight biking trips. The area is flat. It will be easy for you to cycle. You will cycle through rice fields and countryside villages. The area is highly recommended for family travel.

Tam Coc Bike Tours

If you are an active person, you may prefer more challenging biking tours. In this case, we suggest mountain biking. Here are some places are quite good for mountain biking in Vietnam.


Sapa offers lots of biking trails ranging from short cycle tours to multi-day long biking tours. Sapa biking trails are diverse and suitable for active travelers.

Sapa Bike Tours

Ha Giang

This area is also a great place for mountain biking. There are lots of biking trails ranging from easy to challenging. Highly recommended for professional bikers.

Ha Giang Bike Tours

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  • hello,
    i am interested in doing a 6-7 day trail in vietnam on my mountain bike…i love riding and have been racing for several years so am looking for a medium-hard level trail through countryside/mountains. can you reccomend a trail?
    thanks so much


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