Phu Quoc Weather

Phu Quoc Island has a tropical climate that varies throughout the year, with an average temperature of 27°C and average rainfall of 190mm/month which is concentrated in the rainy season that runs from July through to Early October. There are 3 distinct seasons.

The Dry season runs from November to March with average temperature between 25 °C to 28 °C during the day. The nights are usually cooler. The sea water at an average of 18°C to 24°C

The Shoulder seasons run from April to June and Late october, is a good time to visit Phu Quoc with less crowds and generally cheaper accommodation prices.

The Rainy season runs from July to Early October, however it only rains for a short period of time. Average temperature during this season ranges between 24°C to 27 °C.

The best time to visit Phu Quoc is before rainy or from December to February Because, this time is the coolest in year. At this time is very suitable for your vacation.

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